About me

Hi! I’m Bedford. I consider myself a software enthusiast with a particular passion for testing and game development. In my day job, I lead Quality Assurance and testing teams toward innovative solutions for complex problems. In my spare time, I dabble in game development, experiment with one-off hobby development projects, and follow game jams. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are huge motivators for me, and I do my best to bring those into everything I do.

My philosophy toward quality is driven whole-heartedly by one simple belief: On a software development team, we’re all developers and we’re all in this together. For me, this means driving folks in quality assurance disciplines toward more technical understanding while encouraging developers to take ownership toward more robust testing and quality.

Beyond this philosophy, I firmly believe in taking care of the people we work with. As a manager and department head, this means I do my best to get to know each and every member of my department, understand their motivations, and work tirelessly toward earning their trust and advancing their careers.

Most importantly, I am totally committed toward advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology and beyond. I have been a member of the company DEI teams at my previous two positions, and I actively participate in and advocate for these issues whenever I am able. I believe we are at our best as technologists when we correct inequities in our workforce and push for safe, inclusive environments for everyone.